An Organizational Update from Vylla Home

An Organizational Update from Vylla Home
Chad Ruggles, who has been leading our Vylla Home sales team as Senior Vice President, will now oversee sales and operations for all of Vylla Home. Chad started his career with Carrington in 2014 on the mortgage side of the business and moved over to Vylla in 2018 where’s he’s helped manage the rebrand and transition from Carrington Real Estate Services to what is today Vylla Home. As part of Vylla, Chad has shared his expertise, strategic direction and motivation to every aspect of the business.

As part of this update, Julie Beamish, Vice President of Operations for Vylla Home, will report to Chad and will continue to lead all aspects of the operational organization. Her role encompasses all of Vylla Home’s back office operations, institutional client business, vendor management, marketing, data and training. Julie has been part of the Carrington and Vylla family since 2007 and lends her deep real estate expertise, precise operational efficiency, and team building talents to Vylla Home.

Additionally, EJ Rogers will take on the role of Director of Sales Optimization and report to Chad Ruggles. EJ is now tasked with setting the strategy for Vylla Home sales optimization initiatives, designing requirements for sales productivity tools and continuously improving revenue-generating processes. He will also identify opportunities to unlock hidden productivity within the organization and drive successful outcomes of strategic efficiency initiatives.

Rounding out Chad’s direct reports are Divisional Finance Officer Keegan Selby, and Regional Vice Presidents of Sales, Ashley Rasmussen and Dustin Hall.

Vylla Home plays an integral role within the family of Carrington Companies and we look forward to continued success.


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