Are you a first home buyer, and confused about buying then meet Realtor Anil today?

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Hire Realtor Anil Aggarwal 7328778585.

Are you a first home buyer, and confused about buying, when to buy, why buy or what’s better between renting or buying or 15 years v/s 30 years mortgage etc. etc. then ping and talk to Realtor Anil Aggarwal? We have financial Express for all first home buyers: Snacks meet and greet.

AS we move ahead in life, somehow sometimes we don’t realize that whole life we keep working to make vs on the other hand we’re losing money because Of inflation taxes and rate of interest that we pay for buying simple things. for example, Albert Einstein created a rule of 72 but don’t know why schools don’t teach the simple formula. Small kids to young adults can understand and learn power of compound interest by investing money in a growing investment product rather than keeping it losing options like banks. We are trying to educate by doing free so if you are interested, please book appointment at or call Realter Anil at 732-877-8585 or Visit or call 7328778585 #vylla 🎉#anilsellsnj #iselin #education #mind #firsttimehomebuyers

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