Are you getting bupkis salary working then learn how to negotiate by Judge Judy

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while awake , found word “getting bupkis” in article where judge making 45 million salary legally by being on show.. I worked 30 years for Big companies and I clearly see reason I not made what I thought I should.

I think  from famous tv series  deserves every penny of the mammoth $47 million a year in salary she gets. If you don’t agree then wait until you hear what she had to say in a deposition. In a transcript obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Sheindlin sounds off on everything from the coup during the first season that she felt powerless to prevent to her current status as television’s top -maker. Regarding CBS, she says, “Their back’s to the wall.”

Her colorful testimony comes in a lawsuit brought by Rebel Entertainment Partners, which claims to have been denied profits thanks to creative accounting by CBS and Big Ticket Television.

while I think clearly defined many factors which I think schools dont teach us. I liked way she said, I sometime fought for her crew, how she did one sided negotiations with her producers and how she paid to her first connect or producer who brought to this show.. Again age is not a factor, how , when and where you say yes, and to what makes us win… looks like read this article when free.. lot of good tethers inside best how to keep it one sided or how who hired got fired..

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