My Personal Tips to protect you and your family from Corona virus

Hi, I am Anil Aggarwal, and my business makes me travel, meet clients , visit properties so taken some steps to protect me, my family and my future.. Listing for your review

Spread of COVID-19 Fever, cough, and difficulty breathing are the most common symptoms. See what the CDC recommends for those who think they may have been exposed.

Now some tips that I am using

    1. With #corona , For medical care, There is a #life #insurance policy Called IUL (Click to watch video)that provide 2% long term care (Sorry changed for US citizens only recently. Read MORE ) if required and good part is, policy pays for all medical hospital and care bills if any daily activity person can’t do. Premiums you pay , go towards investment and give growth to max cap of 15% and bottom cap is .75% so if market dips, your losses stay till .75% . Me and wife has it So if you like or have suggestion then Ping me and will connect virtually to right person . Read more about this at 
    2. Not to panic but Keep silver/gold coins as easy to carry if banks collapse. Coins before 1964 has silver .Buy Gold Online at dealer cost – Golden Eagle Coins or Buy Gold Coins
    3. There is a website that sells immunity capsules for less I guess, strong immunity should help.
    4. And yes, buy mask/Soaps/and napkins at amazon.
    5. Just saw video of ladies fighting for tissue paper. Not sure why people waste money for paper. Use Bidet and save paper , money and be healthy..
    6. Last, my mother left me some hankerchifts when we went back to India.. Now I see power of those and as I am using them , I say thanks to her and so to Corona for bringing my India back to me.
    7. I strongly feel that Corono virus will vanish as it came. India has many gods so we need one god for this and this god should remove this corona asap. There are 5 companies that are working day /night to make drugs. If anyone interested, then click here to learn more.


Any suggestions or added tips then please share.

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