Difference between Real Estate Agent and Insurance Agent

Whats Difference between Real Estate Agent and Insurance Agent? Lets check .Both property and insurance are great timeless professions that will remain relevant to the community as most people need help understanding the complexities in each product and advice when it boils down to comparing them. Regardless of which profession you are inclined towards, both will provide you an amazing experience in personal growth and development. Like, comment below and share this with your friends who are contemplating on a property or insurance career! Looking for great real estate career mentorship to shorten your learning curve? ​ Get a free 30 min new agent career consultation Bitly.con/retire4free

Real estate AgentLife Insurance AGENT
Fees study$350$350 (discounted to $30)
time to study75 hours@site30 hours @home
Finger printing$60$60
PSI Ex$45$45
Starting fee$1200(MLS+ Supra key+ Realtor association)$200 ($10 each for each Agency )
e&o500 (Free when you join VyllaNj.com$500
Broker split50% ~90% (80-90% with VyllaNj.com30%-110%
Time to make moneyave 2 month hold timeinstant
ExpenseGas Cost+Marketing+Time to show homes+ Office ExpYou just need laptop
IncomeOne timeResidual (1.8% for 9 years)
Tier Income1 Tier (max 10% from 1st level)6 Tier (You get paid upto 6 deep)
What you need to become broker150 hours study0 Hours
Broker officerequiredno office req (Free office with Anil Aggarwal Team)
Broker ExamRequirednot required
Broker exam FEE$750+ other $100$0
What you can sellReal Estate/Rental/1031 excLife Insurance/Index Investments/Annuities/Mortgage Protection/1035 exc/Term Insurance/
Avg Lead Cost$100$10
Can Will your businessNo (Your income is proportional to hours spent)You make residual income from your team and also from your book of business.
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