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  • Maximize your email efforts by tracking these metrics and making adjustments as needed. With the growing number of customer and client interactions online, building and nurturing an email list is extremely important. But — it’s only the beginning. The real success lies in ensuring your emails reach your subscribers and spark engagement and interest. Here […]
  • Email was invented in 1971, and since then, it has completely changed how we communicate with people we know and those we may not know in person. With the introduction of social media in 1997 and the rapid rise and evolution of these channels, it was thought email would quickly become extinct. However, as we […]
  • Imagine sending emails to your list that offer value, increase engagement, and strengthen brand awareness at regular intervals without creating new content for each email — for an unlimited amount of time. Oh! And it’s all done automatically. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Right. Lucky for you, it’s not a fairytale or some sort of email […]
  • How to tell if you’ve outgrown your current provider. When it comes to email marketing, the time-tested age-old saying rings true: Your emails are only as good as the service provider sending them.*OK, this isn’t really a time-tested age-old saying, but it should be. Listen, it’s no surprise that email is a cornerstone of any […]
  • Have a little fun this holiday season with millions of free stock images and GIFs to add to your emails. Adding fun new images and GIFs is a simple and easy way to bring the holidays into your email marketing. And the best part is that you can quickly drop them into your emails through […]

Exploring New Jersey? Well lets see it with me, Realtor of New Jersey. I am Elite Agile Active Always Available Realtor, nominated as top agent since 2019. Well enough of me, Lets talk about New Jersey.

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