Facing hardships and late in mortgage payments? Stop before thinking for foreclosure.

A lost job or an unexpected major medical bill can leave you facing a homeowner’s worst nightmare: if you have any one in family history who had medical issues then I highly suggest to get living benefit life insurance . You may not know but I sold $271 per annum to male of 40 year age in New Jersey , including living benefit and life insurance for 500k for 15 years . This means if person get any major diseases like cancer , heart attack , Alzheimer , organ transplant etc then insurance company’s will pay medical bills from 500k so mortgage holder don’t need to loose home or stop payment on mortgage . If someone does then money left paid off to bank and rest goes to family. If you want to get a quote then ping me at 732-877-8585 .

But if you are late and already late in doing mortgage payments then here’s what you can do.

Best ways to prevent foreclosure

Missing couple of payments or by a few days won’t put you in danger of foreclosure. If you end up making the payment shortly after the due date, let your lender or servicer know it was paid, albeit late.

If you still haven’t paid by the end of the grace period, however (usually 10 to 15 days), your mortgage lender has sent you past-due notices or you’re multiple mortgage payments behind, you need to act quickly to get your mortgage back in good standing and avoid foreclosure proceedings.

First, it is important to realize that you are not alone if you are facing a home foreclosure. This is the first step to thinking outside of the box to identify your options. As of January 2018, New Jersey has the most foreclosures in the entire nation. Approximately 70,000 people navigated the foreclosure process in 2017 in New Jersey alone.

Best option is to find renter who can pay your mortgage and you either shift or split till hardship goes away or find good realtor and see if you can sell it quick to someone who can pay cash. You can call me to meet to disucuss anytime . Call ☎️ me at 732-877-8585

If you can’t resolve and must let it go then talk to bankruptcy attoney to file for Chapter 13 . Bankruptcy can stop your foreclosure proceeding, immediately, at any time. This option, which is often the most strategic choice to stop bankruptcy, need to picked only after discussing all pros and cons . Best is to sell it quick . Book appointment to meet bitly.com/retire4free

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