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  1. I highly recommend to sell via realtor as we only make dime when we help either side or else every buyer min require 10+ homes to see before taking a final decision..
  2. make a list of homes to see or show via mls or else who will go to mls and then go to zillow to find?
  3. who work with realtors, appreciate them for there time and education they provide while running around with them to show homes and so prefer to buy homes thats recommended by Realtor.
  4. Realtors move them away from homes, knowing , whats guarantee that buyer won't go direct to “sale by owner” and if that happens, they will loose all the effort gone to show since long. Some buyers take years to decide..
  5. Read this ebook as it will help you guide how to sell home by Sale by Owner.
  6. 10 top reasons why sale by owner fail
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