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Virtual open houses can help sell your home faster by attracting more qualified at a higher exposure level

Why do virtual open house?

  1. Open houses are time consuming and don’t always attract the right buyers, many agents are turning to “virtual open houses.”
  2. Virtual open houses also open up a world of exposure to new in other states or countries, not just locals.
  3. Virtual anyone can play and watch anytime..
    The Virtual V irtual open homes can pose just like an in-person would. You can create your own website or ask your agent.If you are thinking about doing a virtual open house, here are some ideas:
  • Take nice clear photos.
  • Post a virtual map to the house.
  • Add some soft music to play on the site.
  • Offer ways for the to ask questions like they would at an open house. Your agent can respond to through the website, depending on how Web savvy your agent is, via phone, email or live chat.
  • Keep it simple.

Realtor team will do virtual for you, using high tech tools.
1) Apart of listing your home on MLS (2 or more) , we will also promote your home using virtual media tools. For MLS please visit


As virtual agents, We immediately pivot to video conferences instead of normal phone calls. Everyone is under a bit of stress and actually seeing each other can make a huge difference. There are so many free tools to make this easy, from FaceTime to Skype, Google and more. We love Zoom for the ability to record meetings and easily schedule with a couple of clicks – especially with the app!
LEARN: See more on how to get started with Zoom here.
SUCCEED: No matter what video platform we use, We always look polished on camera!


While it’s sometimes easiest to text or call, it’s not always convenient to schedule meetings through back and forth communication. We encourage clients – current, future or past – to schedule time with us on their own terms! WE use a tool like  which allows you to share your schedule and have clients book appointments at their convenience.
LEARN: Get started with Calendly for free here.


We might be feeling a little disconnected right now, but there are so many ways social media brings us together. We Host a Facebook Live session to answer questions from buyers and sellers in your area. We Utilize Facebook or Instagram stories to provide tips quickly to clients (and we don’t actually have to publish these clips live if you’re feeling any stage fright!) With so many people forced to stay inside, your audience will be happy to see and hear from an authentic real estate tips .
See examples of our live videos at : :


Our every listing presentations are already optimized for digital sharing, putting all the information our buyers or sellers need right at their fingertips. Even better? We create a presentation with Present available pictures , then walk with our clients through it over video chat. This way, we do face-to-face interaction while looking polished, professional and prepared so our clients are wowed! and same can be seen live at facebook/twitter/instagram/our multiple facebook pages/ and our website and new website in making

Please see tools we use to provide virtual

2) For this, please see packages we will use.

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