Looking for more options to invest apart of Real estate? then check below

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If you are searching for options to invest apart of Real estate? then you landed at right page. You know real estate is best hedge to use 20% or low to start a project and then rent it , so to earn monthly diviends as rents and same time , gaining appreciation and tax deductions and other advantages such as depreciation etc.

so if you are looking for low investment properties then check here. This is auto updated list of 3 bed 2 bath that usually go for rent approx. $2000~ $2500 depending upon area and same time, your is approx 1800$ ~ 2000$ so making you earn some extra every month and using equity as least to get a fully paid off property in 15 to 30 years.

https://bit.ly/3tjt7jP multifamily

https://bit.ly/3lhocgr Short Sale Properties

https://bit.ly/3lgXQex Properties for Less then $260k

https://bit.ly/2OoKtxa Opportunity

https://bit.ly/2OAfvSx Apartment Complex for sale in new jersey

Office Bldg/Complex for sale in new jersey

Now Lets talk about other opportunity to make or invest in

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