12 Common Real Estate Questions That Buyers Ask realtor anil

Just like car or homeowner’s insurance, title insurance is designed to protect individuals from catastrophic financial loss. While homeowner’s insurance protects physical assets, title insurance protects an invisible, but equally important, asset: the right to own your home free and clear of any hidden problems. Despite its importance, many homeContinue Reading

The most common type of credit score is the , which was developed by Fair, Isaac and Company. FICO is not the only credit scoring company, but is the score used most widely. Lenders usually base your interest rate on some variation of a FICO score, which can range from 300 toContinue Reading

Help with Flood Insurance and Disclosures Flood-related disclosures can generate a deluge of legal and ethical questions for Realtors. What needs to be disclosed? How should you advise sellers? What should you tell buyers about flood risk and insurance? In this video, NAR Associate Counsel Deanne Rymarowicz answers these questions.   Flooding isContinue Reading

When it comes to looking at money you owe, not all debt is created equal. While there are many shades of gray in life, there is absolutely good debt and bad debt. And the difference matters, whether you’re taking financial steps to buy a home or prepare for retirement. Let’sContinue Reading