See Before and After of Single-family home flip in Spotswood New Jersey

161 flip project by Realtor Anil Aggarwal

WE bought this property from sheriff auction, without looking as you may not know but auctions properties especially one sold at sheriff auctions, you can’t see from inside per law. To share our experience and to document how we started and end up flipping project, sharing some before and After of Single-family home flip in Spotswood New Jersey. Real estate flips understanding is important before you start flipping. You must have willing ready partner

After winning bid, you pay 20% or more at spot and then you have to wait till you paid full and once you have deed in your hands, you can go and ask or check with present homeowners if they willing to move for cash or otherwise. This client took cash and some time and decided to move instead of going court way.

Once we bought, we took 3 months to get this project ready to sell.

Also, not to forget, we missed checking oil tank sweep and guess what, new buyer did find buried oil tank beneath. Luckily buyer wanted this home so waited till we get rid of oil tank legally. Spotswood township is easy to work and glad we resolved and sold

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