Seller’s Closing Checklist

Sellers Closing Checklist

Seller's Closing Checklist2 Seller's Closing Checklist1 Seller's Closing Checklist

Sellers will need to bring the following to the closing:

  • State issued driver's license
  • Keys to home and alarm codes/information
  • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector certifications from local fire department. Your Realtor should assist you with this.
  • Signed Deed from you to the . Your attorney should have drafted the Deed.
  • Title V Inspection Report for septic system (check if your property has one- If not then don't worry)
  • Evidence of repairs (if applicable)
  • Final water/sewer bill and reading (paid) and final oil bill and statement from oil company as to amount remaining in tank. You will need to make the request at least 2 weeks prior to closing.
  • Copy of last paid real estate tax bill.
  • 6D certificate for condominium unit showing that condo fees are paid up.
  • It's also a nice gesture to give the new buyers the name of your landscaper, septic company, private trash hauler, handyman, etc. I'm sure your workmen will appreciate it also.
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