Sold Beautiful home to Buyer from Punjab India in Colonia.

contemporary country house facade in winter
Hire Realtor Anil Aggarwal 7328778585.

Sold impressive beauty listed once for $750k in for just $625k to my clients using fha loan or lowest down payment possible in market of today where’s everything going 40-100k over asking !! How ??!! Do your math !! In 6 months my client can reappraise to get back this down payment . If I had been a seller, I would have listed ground floor room with closet as 5th bedroom and but to my luck, it was listed as 4 bedroom and seller left non impacting small issues as detrimental to his sale so loosing 100k or more !!


Sold beauty today to my clients almost 100k less then original list price in hot market: don’t know why no one found this beauty right in #colonia nj. My clients love it : It’s mostly with many of my clientsCheck me on google Search Anil sells Or check my reviews Thanks to my team, and tireless planning trust and human touchMeet me find your dream home at

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