Sold one more beautiful home in iselin to happy family by realtor Anil Aggarwal

From my neighborhood:

Hi today sold one more gem in . I live in Iselin since I met my wife 16 years ago at local shop and since then we both fell in love with Iselin and our love bloomed more and more as we started dating in local shops. We bought our first home in 2006 and since then , living here , loving here. Now since I became Realtor, if I am wrong , in past 3 years , I alone moved atleast 39 families to Iselin.

After all, where you can find train station, downtown , local church , temple , eating points , parks and best schools. People here are so nice and I am sure neighbors too. Our neighbour Steve is always there to help us . His father built couple of homes in our area.

Anyway, wanted to share happy moment of welcoming one more simple docile happy family to your neighborhood.

Home is so beautiful and sellers had maintained it very well. Further seller left so much for new just because buyer and seller liked each other as family to family.

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