Steps listed to be taken when you are out OF Attorney Review

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Here I am listing steps listed to be taken when you are out OF Attorney Review OR We you are officially out of attorney review and under contract on your transaction. Congratulations!

Here are a few things that will be happening now that as you are moving along:

  1. The realtor will set up the home inspection.  Please make sure water and all utilities are ON/Working for the home inspection.
  2. Go through your records and make sure that you have CLOSED all permits which you have opened for any work you performed on the house during your home ownership. You can do this by stopping by your Town Clerk and either (1) asking to see the home’s building/construction permit file or (2) filling out an OPRA (open public records application request) for this info. There may be a small fee, depending upon your town.  Please note your also will likely be doing this as well so you can always wait to see what they discover. In any event if there are OPEN permits, you will have to close them prior to Closing.
  3. Talk to your realtor about your municipal inspections. A Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Certificate is required for every municipality by State Law.  Each town also has requirements for possibly a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), a Certificate of Continued Occupancy (CCO) and/or a township inspection.  There is always a fee involved. The application for the certificate should be discussed with your realtor, who is well-versed on township requirements.
  4. Your attorney most likely will follow up at the appropriate times for the deposit (confirmation) and appraisal scheduling. (Or remind them so they don’t miss)
  5. Your attorney most likely will be sending you a package (seller information sheets, as well as authorization(s) to obtain your current payoff for closing (if you currently have a mortgage on the house).
  6. You can help out tremendously by trying to locate your current Owner’s Policy. You would have received a copy of your Deed and Survey at closing of your house.  You should have received your Owner’s Title Insurance Policy a few weeks or months later from the title company or your attorney. 
  7. If there are any circumstances about (moving plans, rental plans, vacation plans, etc.) please fill your attorney NOW vs. LATER.
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