12 Common Real Estate Questions That Buyers Ask realtor anil

Just like car or homeowner’s insurance, title insurance is designed to protect individuals from catastrophic financial loss. While homeowner’s insurance protects physical assets, title insurance protects an invisible, but equally important, asset: the right to own your home free and clear of any hidden problems. Despite its importance, many homeContinue Reading

Fall Home Checklist anil aggarwal

Are you getting ready to put your home on the market or just preparing for a change in seasons, anytime is a good time to spruce up the nest. Please see attached fall home maintenance checklist to cover all the big and small tasks that help you keep your homesContinue Reading

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I am a Real Estate Agent, realtor, and Investor currently living in New Jersey. My interests range from selling difficult hard projects, real estate to flip properties. I am also interested in investing, home, and helping my clients find best deal , at best price. Without me, you will saveContinue Reading