Real estate home inspectors. If you like working with anyone then let me know and let them know. If you have any concerns then also let them know..
I have no affiliation and names listed below are just to advise/guide inspectors whom I found good, and they provided good service to my clients in past. My endorsement don't endorse or provide any guarantee and you have to do your own due diligence

referral of Carmela for 170 auth at

TUFF Home Inspections Inc.
Phone: --

Jen Reil
Home Pride Home Inspection Services LLC at Inspector Services
(848) 565-7741

Joel Mizrahi
Metropolitan Home Inspection Co

Mark Inspector
Phone: --
Phone: --

Ihab Alee
Home Inspector at M&J Engineering P.C.
Phone: --
Phone: --

Phone: --

Ryan Sturzebecker
62 Marconi home inspector Alliance Home Inspections LLC at Alliance Home Inspections

Rajendra Bansal
A to Z Home Inspection

Benny Liao

(718) 581-3303
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