Thinking of buying or selling home in flood zone or need flood insurance? then think of Realtor Anil Aggarwal

man pouring water from dipper on blue and grey house

Realtor Anil just sold Beautiful home in New Jersey Iselin , which was in flood zone , or needed flood insurance.

AS realtor, if you do good pictures, and maintain home well, then you are sure to invite many customers who will be willing to pay top dollars and buy home.

33 grand ave iselin NJ was in Flood zone. Seller tried to sell by himself and finally decided to give it to Anil who sold home at close to asking price and also in record time. Property was listed for $565k and sold last week for $555k .

Here before I list valuable tools that will guide anyone seeking to sell home that need flood insurance, let me share pictures of 33 grand. Pictures help. You need to click pictures with 3 dimensional depth . See pictures to get idea or See Pictures for 33 Grand Ave Iselin Nj

FEMA-NAR Toolkit: Flood Preparedness Resources

This document was produced by FEMA in collaboration with the National Association of REALTORS®.

The following collection of materials includes resources, webpages, fact sheets, infographics, and publications available for use by real estate professionals and lenders. Professionals can use the materials to promote the financial protection flood insurance offers and explain various flood insurance requirements to homeowners and business owners.

A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Discussing Flood Insurance(link is external)
Guide to help real estate professionals discuss flood insurance with their customers.

NFIP Door Hanger(link is external)
Door hanger, print-ready and customizable versions, for agents to share with current and future clients.

The Cost of Flooding Tool(link is external)
Interactive tool to see how much flood damage – even from just a few inches of water – could cost.

Be Prepared for a Flood(link is external)
Factsheet on how to stay safe before, during, and after a flood.

Flood Social Media Toolkit(link is external)
Website with social media resources.

12 Ways to Prepare(link is external)
A postcard with 12 steps you can take to be more prepared.

Document and Insure Your Property(link is external)
Document outlining specific steps you can take to document and insure your valuables before a disaster.

Emergency Financial First Aid Kit(link is external)
A resource to help you create a record of important household information including identification, financial and legal documents, medical information,
and contacts.

Insurance Moonshot Starter Kit(link is external)
A package of key messages and communication templates that can be used to promote the value of flood insurance in disaster recovery.

Why Buy Flood Insurance(link is external)
Webpage (NFIP consumer site) detailing the importance of flood insurance and answers to some commonly asked questions about flood insurance.

How to Buy Flood Insurance(link is external)
Webpage (NFIP consumer site) detailing how to purchase flood insurance and how to find an insurance provider.

How Can I Pay Less for My Flood Insurance(link is external)
Webpage (NFIP consumer site) with information to help reduce how much you pay for your flood insurance policy through mitigation and other factors.

Before and After a Flood(link is external)
Webpage (NFIP consumer site) with information on how to start a flood insurance claim, and tips on what you can do before and after experiencing a flood.

FEMA Flood Map Service Center(link is external)
Public source for flood hazard information to find your official flood map and learn more about your flood risk.

FEMA Data Visualization tool(link is external)
Historical Flood Risk and Costs – Webpage shows interactive data to promote understanding of historical flood risk and potential flood-related costs.

For Agents is external)
Main Flood Insurance info page for insurance agents. – NFIP Marketing Resource Library(link is external)
Flood Insurance programmatic and marketing materials.

Preferred Risk Policy(link is external)
Details on lower-cost flood insurance through a preferred risk policy.

Learn more at is external).

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