Thinking to invest in real estate? Well Lets compare Index Universal Life Insurance with Investing in real estate with 100k one time investment.

Hi, my name is anil an army realtor and also hold a life insurance license so in this presentation today. Let’s compare Index Universal Life Insurance with Investing in real estate. I’m showing a client who is buying a property worth $500000. Client wants to do a first payment of $100000. Now let’s compare this with real estate versus index universal life insurance. 

Reat estateIUL
You have to manage real estatenothing to manage
You have to keep paying mortage every yearnothing to pay as you paid one time 100k
You have to ensure property rentedno rental
IF market crash then property price can go downFloor is zero so inititial investment never go down
You get shelter if you liveYou get life insurance increasing, with tax free
You have no medical protectionYou get Chronic/Crititcal and Terminal protection or living benefits
Investor have to pay tax every year even if property paid off full.You paid one time and its growing based on picked index between zero and cap (AIG today giving 11.75% cap)
No law suit or legal issues protectedNo one can steal it
Have to pay interest if we take out loan based on market valueLoan is tax free and interest is zero on loans

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