Topics that are planned and will be hosted live on FB . Go to link

More topics that are planned and will be hosted live on FB . Go to link

  1. How to do virtual marketing for your business using your own domain vanity domains ? Example or
  2. 2nd Affiliate marketing as how to make money virtually while sleeping
  3. 3rd How real estate can help you give 10% or more returns
  4. 4th Product thats available in market that’s give guaranteed IRS approved 8% returns.
  5. How to use Whatsapp for your biz?
  6. How you can buy and trade in stocks for free using your IRA money?
  7. How you can make interactive videos FREE using Apple free app??
  8. Whats difference between long term care and short term care? and why long term care important especially in today’s’ time and what options to get it almost at no/low cost??
  9. Whats difference between Life insurance provided by Corporations to there employees v/s self insurance?
  10. Why college planning important or if its really important??
  11. Why its a bad idea to keep all eggs in one bucket?
  12. Medical insurance options if you don’t have medical insurance
  13. How you can stay in any 5 star hotels for virtually FREE
  14. Any codes/discounts or other viable options available that can help anyone

Please ping me at or ping me here on topics you want so I Can plan and do webinars.

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All meetings will be hosted at this page between 1-2 -pm daily and topic could be any

so anyone of you interested to know how we can leverage and invite you for more workshops then pls ping me.
Thanks everyone.

Live presentation for today..

Live open house for 716 pershing ave , middlesex boro

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