Vylla Home NJ Anil Aggarwal Team participated in Community cultural Diwali programme organized by Sai Entertainment

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diwali vylla anil aggarwal team realtor 2019 Organized by Sai Entertainment , Mr Bitto, with support provided by Musik Waves Mr Azim. More than 300 people registered and inspite of heavy rain, some 200+ people came. 30 vendors put up there stalls.

Realtor took stage till 3, and gave away silver dimes to participants who gave right and correct answer to his questions. Further Mass Mutual Insurance Geek, Mr Anil Sharma sang beautiful song

Malaika Faisal singer took stage at 3pm and mesmerizes audiance by her beautiful singing .. follow her at https://www.facebook.com/MalaikaFaisalLIVE/

Home Nj Team of mine, with Basant Pal, Hanuman Rachoor, Safiyaa Khan Invite you all to #Diwalinj Festival event Organised by Sunny Ranyal.Happy to give Silver #MercuryDime as Gifts ever hour to lucky winner. Win Free Vylla Totes as well.
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