What is a 6-D


Answer: a is a notarized document which is required for most sales or refinancing of condominiums.  This document needs to be completed by a unit owner's closing date.  provides a bank, company or attorney the information that  ALL BALANCES ARE PAID and that the association is not due any fees prior to the refinancing or sale of a condominium. 6d Certificate. The term “6d” certificate refers to that statutory section of the Condominium Act, section 6 (d). Lenders and their closing attorneys will require a “clean” 6d which states there are no unpaid fees. The recording of a clean 6d certificate will prevent the association from ever filing a lien against that unit.

If you are selling or refinancing your condominium you must take the following steps in order to obtain a 6D certificate:

1.  Sign an Information Release Form at the Mgmt. Office. 

This form allows Mgmt. to answer questions for attorney, brokers, mortgage companies and appraisers that may be a part of your sale or refinance.

2.  Notify the office of the closing date along with the name and contact information for the New Buyer.                                          

For a refinance, closing date alone will suffice.

3.  Once a closing date has been determined, then discuss amount and checks with condo management office.     

4.  Please be reminded that a 6D certificate takes 2 weeks or 10 days to process.  



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