What’s happening to Banking Sector and how to protect your hard-earned money using Index Universal Life Insurance?

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What’s happening to Banking Sector and how to protect your hard-earned using Index Universal Life Insurance? well, this question is hot today as we all seen how Silicon Valley Bank collapsed in 48 hours? Founded in 1983, the bank grew to become the 16th-largest in the U.S, with $210 billion in assets. Over the years, according to reports, its client list grew to include some of the biggest names in consumer tech like Airbnb, Cisco, Fitbit, Pinterest and Square.

How to protect your from tumbling down the hill? Would you believe that the nation’s third-largest financial institution, Wells Fargo, carries over $30 billion in cash values of on their corporate books?

What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Indexed universal life (IUL) insurance is a type of permanent life insurance, meaning it has a cash value component along with a death benefit. The in a policyholder’s cash value account can earn interest by tracking a stock market index selected by the insurer.

4 Major advantages of

Its gives client growth upto capped (AIG gives as of today 11.75%)

Guarantee of zero or floor of zero so client will never lose money.!!

Now a days Companies giving free chronic /critical and terminal coverage to clients

And don’t’ forget, a part of growth of market, and safety of banks, IULs give tax deferred growth and life protection.


  • Indexed universal life (IUL) insurance lets the policyholder decide how much cash value to assign to a fixed-rate account and an equity-indexed account.
  • Indexed universal life is a form of permanent and like universal life, it allows for flexible premiums and possibly a flexible death benefit.
  • insurance policies can track a number of well-known equity indexes, such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq-100 to earn interest credits.
  • policies usually cap your returns but also guarantee a minimum interest rate.

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