Start a gig now but ensure it’s not like second job but process to replicate you. Ask me

A New Design
Hire me for your next dream Home or sell your home for more in leas time . I charge less fee , adept and advise from first to last phase of process . Ask me

When I was young ; I was told to get educated , and get good job . From day one , I kept educating myself , got bachelors and then masters and many more cirtificates and kept increasing my knowledge of knowing all and focusing on HOW. Once in job, I kept increasing my hourly rate and always one step ahead of rest . I kept increasing my knowledge of “HOW” and I thought my life is set but when I got stung in my last job , I felt as if I was part of snake and ladder game: and after last hit, once I replaced “how” with “why” I got my time back and made to 100. If you think this story correlate to you then ping me. I realized that I was giving away my most precious commodity which is time for dollar which is depreciating while inflation rate is increasing . Do you know employees pay more tax and pay it every month . Do you know code of 40/40/40/40-1 ? Start a Part time GIG now, that replicate you so you replace yourself before man or machine replace you. Ask me. #leadership #coaching #coaching #success #growth #leadershipdevelopment

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